Medical Exercise during Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is a time when they become especially concerned about their bodies. You’re caring for another little person in your body now, not just yourself! It’s difficult to know how hard to exercise when your expecting a baby, so Medical Exercise is a fantastic way to maintain a level of fitness in a safe & supervised environment.

What are the benefits of Medical Exerxise during Pregnancy?

  • Maintain and improve flexibility, which will help to prevent aches and stiffness.
  • Strengthening of your pelvic floor, which will help minimise urine leakage and assist with labour.
  • Strengthening of your large legs muscles, which will help to redistribute your increased weight away from your spine and hips, reducing your risk of injury.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness, which will assist you during labour and speed up your recovery after delivery or cesarean section.
  • Medical Exercise can also help to reduce or even prevent gestational diabetes.
  • Keeping up the exercise after delivery will reduce your risk of postnatal depression.

When should I take up Medical Exercise?

The absolute best time to take up exercise is before you become pregnant, as it enables you to achieve a high baseline level of fitness before you start trying to cope with increasing body weight, fatigue and all the other pregnancy symptoms.

For women who are already pregnant, I recommend coming in for your Medical Exercise Assessment at the start of your Second Trimester.

What’s the cost?

Clinic Appointment Home Appointment
30-45 minutes €50 30-45 minutes €60

What can I expect from my session?

  • All pregnancy appointments begin with a brief discussion of your recent history, so the physiotherapist is aware of any new aches and pains you’re experiencing.
  • You will then be fitted with a heart rate monitor which will enable the physiotherapist to ensure you receive both a safe and effective session.
  • Pregnancy Exercise Therapy Sessions commence with Aerobic exercise to gently increase your heart and breathing rate.
  • We then progress onto a series of resistance exercises focused on improving muscle strength in your arms, legs and upper back.
  • Sessions finish with more Aerobic exercise to gently reduce your heart and breathing rate


What should I bring / wear to my session?

  • Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you. Although water will be provided throughout your session, you will need water for your journey home. It’s important to keep hydrated when your pregnant.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable exercise clothing that is either stretchy or baggy to facilitate the exercises. You need to be able to remove layers as the session progresses, as preventing yourself from overheating when pregnant is very important.
  • Wear comfortable runners or trainers, as these will be worn throughout the sessions.

Bridging Pregnancy

Combined Appointments

  • We invite our patients to combine their Exercise Therapy appointment (30 mins) with a Therapeutic Pregnancy Massage session (30 mins).
  • Total Combined Cost: €80
  • Total Combined Appointment Time: 60 minutes

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