Medical Exercise Explained

Medical Exercise is the exercise one need on a weekly basis to prevent injury, illness and disease.

The Healthy Individual

 Physical Inactivity, or a lack of exercise, is a contributory factor in nearly all heart, lung and weight conditions as well as poor bone health and depressed mood. 

The Patient in Need

Medical Exercise is an essential treatment tool for people with the following issues:

  • Heart, Lung or Weight conditions
  • Reduced Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Abnormal Posture
  • Poor Balance and Coordination
  • Persistent or Recurrent Injuries
  • Bone Diseases i.e. Osteoporosis.
  • Mental Illness  i.e. Depression

A detailed Medical Exercise assessment is carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist to determine your exercise requirements, indications and limitations. 

A Medical Exercise Programme is then discussed and proscribed. This programme is slowly introduced into your weekly routine over a 12 week period, through regular physiotherapy appointments.

Exercise programmes are supervised and reviewed by your Chartered Physiotherapist on a regular basis to endure they remain both targeted and effective.

Medical Exercise Includes…

  • Aerobic Exercise  (heart pumping)
  • Resistance Training (muscle building)
  • Stretchening (muscle lengthening).

Led By Healthcare Professionals

Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

This is a highly specialised medical exercise clinic, led by a Senior Physiotherapist. In their role as healthcare professionals, Physiotherapists are clinical experts in medical exercise, as well as heart and lung function. Cardiac Rehabilitation services (the service people enter into after experiencing a cardiac event i.e. a heart attack) and Pulmonary Rehabilitation services (the service entered into by patients diagnosed with severe lung disease) in acute hospitals  are all led by physiotherapists.

Seán Photo.png

Sean Flynn, Senior Physiotherapist

Lead Clinician

Seán gained his bachelor of science degree in physiotherapy from Trinity College in 2010. Having gained a number of years experience practising as a general physiotherapist, he became a Senior Physiotherapist in January 2014. Sean specialises in manual therapy (to treat injuries, aches and pain) and medical exercise (to treat and prevent iniuries & health conditions). Seán is a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who prioritises the safety and success of his patients above all else.

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